Decorative Overlays


When concrete is old and unsightly, but is still structurally sound, you should consider a concrete overlay. With prices that are usually much more economical than tearing out and replacement, you can save money while adding value to your place with one of our popular finishes.

Trowel Down Overlays: The most economical of our two main overlay options, the finish can mimic wood planks, random stone patterns, tiles, and more.

Thin-Stamped Overlays: The premium option of our two overlay systems is a flowable material applied at 1/4" - 1/2" thickness, then stamped with regular concrete stamps (texture skins, slate patterns, random stone, etc. . .)

Both types of overlays can be installed indoors and outdoors. Coloring options can vary from integral colorant and powder release to antiquing stains and acid reactive stains.

If you are wanting to see pictures of some of our finished jobs and different finishes please go to decorative overlays in the gallery.

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