"Concrete is our blank canvas, let us transform it into a masterpiece"
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Stained concrete makes the perfect floor when you are wanting a naturally variegated, and decorative finish. It is comonly used on basement floors, patios, pool decks, and many other interior and exterior applications.

With stencils, scoring tools, and faux finishing techniques we can create custom effects in your concrete, that will change your slab from bland to grand!

The concrete surface has to be in good shape for us to be able to stain it. However, we have the option of a concrete overlay available if it is not. If this is the case with yours please go to the decorative overlays page.

Concrete stains fall into three main categories:

Acid Stains: Generally available in only earth-tone colors, acid stains produce marble-like effects and color by reacting with the lime in the concrete. The results can never be 100% reproduced.

Concrete Dyes: Concrete dyes are typically more even-toned and have a wider range of colors. They can be used with other types of stains to shade in areas and fine tune the finished color.

Sealer options:

Sealers play a large part in a successful staining job. Below are some of the sealers we use in different applications:

Polyaspartics: High-gloss, high traffic sealer usually used in interior commercial settings.

Urethanes: High-gloss, high-traffic sealer usually used in interior commercial settings.

Epoxys: High-gloss, light to medium traffic sealer usually used in interior light commercial and residential applications.

Solvent-borne penetrating sealers: Exterior applications.

Water-based penetrating sealers: Interior residential applications when used in conjunction with wax.

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